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Magical Pleasure at The Mansa Devi Temple

Mansa Devi is one of the most popular and most visited temple in the holy city of Haridwar. Generally Mansa is worshipped without any image. A branch of a tree, an earthen pot or an earthen snake image is worshipped as the Goddess. As it is rightly said, “everything is sacred, or nothing is.” If you have faith, it is God, if you are an atheist, it is just a stone.

I, being a monotheist, have a strong belief in God. Standing in long queues for hours hardly matter when you get to see a glimpse of the divine shrine. I was a religious kid since my childhood and I have always been keen to visit the Holy abodes. Last weekend, I headed out to Haridwar and then to the Mansa Devi Temple (you can read more about my Haridwar visit here).

Paying a visit to the Mansa Devi temple in itself is a sacred experience which enlightens the body, mind and soul. It is a temple with lots of positive energy indeed and you can also enjoy an eagle’s eye view of the Haridwar town in the cable car. Going up to meet the deity who sits high on the mountain is a thrilling and one of its kind of experience in itself. No wonder why this place is considered to be the most sacred and spiritual hub where one can find the purity even in the chants, peace in every flow of water and prosperity in every bright light of lamps. Sights of hundreds of pilgrims patiently waiting for their turn with a hope that their prayers will be heard, sounds of mantras, hymns and ringing bells and smell of incense sticks; all this at the Mansa Devi Temple. You would see a vast expanse of concrete jungle lurking behind the mountains during dusk when you are at the premises of the temple. So many years and this view never gets old.



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