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Unsaid Words Hurt The Most..

Love is painful and frightening. It makes you judge yourself and distance yourself from other people in your life. It makes you selfish, creepy and cruel. It makes you do things you never thought you would ever do.

Love is not something that weak people do. In fact, it needs a lot of courage and hope. Same is the case when you part with the one you love the mostest.

I was always bad at saying goodbyes. It’s like you are at the edge of the cliff and you have to jump. The worst part is making the choice to do it and once you are in the air, you can do nothing but let go.



When I am not busy scribbling and sketching away on little pieces on paper, I am found cozying on my recliner enjoying movies and cartoons. A dreamer and an artist, I am in love with all things beautiful. Prefer Bukowski and Gulzar over Shakespeare and Tagore. And nights over daytime. Anti-social and friendly in the same breath. Desperately trying to bring being nice in vogue. This blog is an itinerary of a girl amidst the cacophony of metropolitan life facing the struggles & unexpected surprises that life offers.

2 thoughts on “Unsaid Words Hurt The Most..

  1. A brilliant articulation of thoughts, I genuinely loved the way expressed and depicted the various dimensions of love in such an emotional way. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings I’d love to know what you think about them. 🙂

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