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Let it Out…

Sharing is an essential part of letting go. It helps you to let your emotions flow, realise why you feel a certain way and be true to yourself.

I always thought that I should never let people see my vulnerabilities, so I never shared. But there has to be someone in front of whom you can cry your heart out, with whom you can share all that you want to.
So if there is something that’s been bothering you, talk to a friend in whom you trust or a therapist and
let it all out. Don’t let these unresolved issues and feelings make you anxious.



When I am not busy scribbling and sketching away on little pieces on paper, I am found cozying on my recliner enjoying movies and cartoons. A dreamer and an artist, I am in love with all things beautiful. Prefer Bukowski and Gulzar over Shakespeare and Tagore. And nights over daytime. Anti-social and friendly in the same breath. Desperately trying to bring being nice in vogue. This blog is an itinerary of a girl amidst the cacophony of metropolitan life facing the struggles & unexpected surprises that life offers.

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