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Today it’s raining here and I’m sitting in the balcony just enjoying the rain. I don’t know why, I have this love story with rain that goes back to when I was just a kid. I love rain and it’s an emotion that’s as pure as love for me.

In my every starry fantasy, rain has played an important role. I imagined sitting on a veranda, a record player playing an old song. I would be sitting with a cup of coffee, enjoying the rain while humming along to songs that just doesn’t make you feel good, but makes you feel like you are breathing along with them.

Right now while I’m sitting on the patio, I’m listening to an old hit. Eyes closed ’cause I think I feel content. Life is full of so many unanswered questions, uncertainty, so many things that make me scared to face the future, that I just forget to live in the moment most of the times, to just breathe and be content in a moment that I will never get back. I think there is this race to scramble along to secure a future which has not happened yet that I forget to see the present that this moment is all that is certain. I think lately I have forgotten the better picture that it’s always the little moments that matters.

So today I’m not going to think about anything, like health, my future, my writing, my career, life, death, surviving, anything in between or about all the uncertainty that makes me want to just run and hide. Today I’m just listening to songs that I love and just breathing and finding peace in this moment that’s infinitely beautiful. This moment right here, this feeling that I have in my heart and this sense of being content is perhaps the most honest and beautiful feeling.


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Keep Calm & Read Books!

Books.. The wonderful elixir of love, life and everything that connects them.
Books.. The wonder potion that transports you to any place on Earth and beyond, in the time it may take you to blink. Just like that.
Books.. Those thin parchments containing the magic of all the worlds, known and unknown.
Books.. The stories of people and places and events that you may believe you know but never truly know.
Books.. Weaving and binding us all in essence, even though we have never met, maybe never will.
Today is World Book Day ladies and gentlemen. Truly our day. And although every day is Book Day for us Book Dragons, but let us acknowledge and appreciate these tiny portals of our souls even more today!


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We collect memories like raindrops on the palm of our hand
My mother once told me that a moment lived in happiness is far more precious than anything else.
I guess that’s why she hated being photographed.
In my home you will see the walls are bare.
We don’t have frames lined up that show smiling faces and people laughing in a pretty background.
Maybe it’s cause my mom believed that a moment is not complete till you can capture its essence in its entirety and photographs fall short in telling the truth cause we would rather smile and hide the pain, lies and emptiness that is often reflected in our eyes.

After her demise, we had to try hard to find a photo of her’s
She’s not smiling in that
There is this half smile on her lips, but I wonder if I saw the stories in her eyes, stories that are laughing, crying, angry, stories that are alive and the stories that now have died with her.
I like taking pictures. I don’t know if I am scared of being forgotten or want to just be remembered as a story.
I wonder when people say that we stay alive in memories,
do they actually mean it or it’s just a lie to comfort ourselves.


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Sands Slipping Between The Feet

Today I feel like writing for that very moment just before I intended to let go off my flip flops and run through the sand. It is an amazing feeling with the waves of the ocean slipping all the sand between your feet. It all felt like a game to me. No matter how hard you try, there are times when you definitely feel off balance with everything slipping from your grip. Just like life. Just like the sand on the beach. My mind leaps to days gone by when I spent my time by the ocean with the beautiful melody of waves crashing on the shore. It is a feeling quite unexplained with that clueless feeling of solitude and warmth. It goes without saying that I simply adore the beach, the fact being that I don’t often get to visit often. May be that is why it all seems so magical. Just like most other things in life, this one is the rarest and one of the finest experiences that I feel is really close to my heart.

Many would debate on choosing hills over beaches but I am definitely a water person. I would anytime vouch for beaches over hills. That feeling simply is awesome when you are on a beach relaxing, listening to the symphony of the waves, with a million thoughts in mind. It resonates with life. Calm and peaceful at times but an entire mess in itself. The feeling differs from beach to beach depending on the beach you presently are and your inner self which is rejoicing in the moment.

May be that is what I simply love about an island. You get to witness an entire continent, only water no land, an experience that I can still remember vividly today and I will always. These times have a special place in my heart not just because they are rare, but because I cherish each and every second of that very moment.


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Not so petty issues for enormous beings

Sometimes I wonder why are animals treated so ruthlessly. Look at this chained jumbo. Such scenes are a pity to see.

Animals are made captive and are badly treated.  But Why? What is their fault? If you look at the picture carefully, there are cut marks and bruises all over his legs and it appears as if he can’t even sit properly. 

I seriously want to ask do we need all this? Entertainment is important for us humans but don’t we have better ways of entertainment? Is it so that our 15 min of elephant ride so important that these enormously huge creatures have to shun their freedom simply for our entertainment purposes?

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Every picture speaks #1

So guys, had this really important thing in mind since the past few days. Was working on it so couldn’t update regularly. Now I am back with a bang with an entirely new series of picture story series. As we all understand, every picture has its own message and here we would try to uncover those. Happy blogging!
This picture clearly depicts a complete circle of life. Just like this fallen dried leaf, as soon as a person’s journey on this earth is over, he also meets with the same end. Old age – dried and withered condition. An inevitable truth though!
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