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Some Tragedies….

Some tragedies don’t look like tragedies, some tragedies look like regular everyday stuff, you know, like laughter at the dinner table right after washing your tears off in the washroom, like going to work everyday and breaking down every night, like birthday parties at broken homes, like crumbling governments celebrating national holidays, some tragedies look normal, like the boy at school who falls asleep in the class because the classroom noise isn’t anywhere close to the fight between his parents, some tragedies look soft, like hating your body but shopping for expensive clothes, some tragedies look kind, like trying to help too many people because no one helps you, some tragedies look fierce, like having control issues because no one at home let you do what you wanted to, some tragedies look pretty, like six figure salaries but no time for dinner, some tragedies look calm, like the smiling salesman at the mall missing his mother all the time, some tragedies don’t look like tragedies.. They look like you, smiling, existing.


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Dark & Flawless

Today, I learnt an important lesson from my therapist. ⁣
At the end of our hour, she told me that although I’ve been hurt and broken badly, she can see I still have parts that aren’t shattered. ⁣
I laughed lightly and I said ‘Yeah, one day that will be all of me, no parts shattered anymore”, And she said ‘No, it won‘t.”⁣
And, for a second, I felt my heart break but she continued. “But it will be the most dominant part of you. Think of your body if you break your shoulder, even after it heals it will be tender. It will be a sore spot. You will be careful with it. There will be a gentleness when you care for it. If you crack a rib, laughing will hurt and, even after there is no longer a fracture, you may laugh lighterjust in case. You can heal, but it is okay to be aware of the parts of you that once hurt the most. The most important thing to know is that where there is tenderness, let there be gentleness.” ⁣


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Trust Yourself!

Self-doubt, lack of confidence, not believing you are good enough, and aiming for perfectionism can block you from attempting anything. It can create a fear of failure. This fear holds you back and you might not even have the courage to try. When you don’t try, you inevitably always fail.
It is a negative feedback loop, because when you fail, it is confirming your self belief that you aren’t good enough and again you will not ontinue to try.

Luckily the opposite is also true. When you believe you are good enough, you don’t strive for perfection but just to be enough. You are hopeful and give it a go. Even if you then fail, you had a chance at success and you would have always learned from it.

As Brene Brown says, when you are not sure if you should or shouldn’t do something, ask yourself:
Is it worth doing, even if I fail?


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New Normal? Nope!

The pandemic begins suddenly, violently, recklessly. No one knows what to do. The world goes silent. Not everyone one knows how to deal with isolation. Grief knocks at doors and loneliness welcomes us home. Life comes to standstill and breathing feels heavy.

They say its the beginning of the end. They never taught us how to deal with endings. How do you mourn the dead you never met. What to do with all these funerals you could never attend . 
Helplessness looms on heads and shops run out of masks.
There’s no justice for displaced. How do you stay at home when there’s no home? Too many questions lie unanswered.

Suffering doesn’t seem to end. The funny part is no one knew how badly they want to exist until a virus strain strikes. 
Everyone’s tired of wondering if a vaccine or practicing religion can save them. Will an antibacterial soap wash the blood of everyone they killed on their hands ? Will they someday understand how to stop mourning each morning?

The word positive seems deadlier than ever before. For once in life, everyone wants to be positive that theyare negative. Tough times. Hopeless cases of desperation. 
How do you pray when you don’t know what to pray for?
How do you believe when your beliefs could kill you!


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Jesus was not sent here to teach the people built magnificent churches and temples amidst the cold wretched huts. He was sent to make the human heart a temple, the soul an altar and the mind a priest.


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Just as you wear your earrings penetrating your skin,

Similarly your feelings pierced inside my heart.

No doubt it made my soul look adorable just as your face,

But it hurt every single time you tried to detach it.

I thought you wore it as a symbol of your pride and existence,

But I was fooled until you changed it.

Then I realized you have one for every occasion.

I realized what remained constant was the hole on your earlobe and the hole in my heart.


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Hope is All I Have…

Hope is everywhere. In love, ” I hope it never ends. ” In hurt, ” I hope it gets better. ” In happiness, ” I hope it lasts. ” In sadness, ” I hope it ends soon. ” In hate, ” I hope karna screws that person. ” In leaving, ” I hope to see you again. “

In waking up, ” I hope I have a great day. ” In eating, ” I hope it tastes good. ” In starving, ” I hope I lose weight. ” In birth, ” I hope this child lives a great life. ” In death, ” I hope the soul rests in peace. “

Hold on to this thread of hope and never let it break.


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The synopsis seemed good,
the cover too looked nice,
you opened the book
and began a new life.
You found yourself a new home, 
you met some new friends,
you continued reading,
hoping it would never end.

You flipped through the pages,
you read out loud the words
you felt their joy,
their pain and hurt.
The pages cut your fingers,
and the words cut your heart,
Felt as if the author had a knife, 
and was tearing your soul apart.
You laughed with the characters,
with them, you cried,
you lived with them, too
And with them, you died.


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Noteworthy Lines From Kalank

Here are a few noteworthy dialogues from the Bollywood movie Kalank. The movie was not a great one though, but the dialogues are worth sharing which would for sure stay with you.

“When someone’s destruction seems like our victory then there is no one in the world who is as devastated as us.”

“The colour of love and hatred both are red but the difference is that in hatred the world gets destroyed and in love you have to destroy yourself. Still love is the one that gets defamed.”

“Some relationships are like debts. You don’t have to fulfill them, instead you have to repay them.”

“You’ll find thousands of reasons in the market of fear for not falling in love, but you have to search for only one reason in your own heart to fall in love.”

“Hope only makes you wait. It doesn’t change the reality.”


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Before We Go!

Recently I watched this movie Before We Go and I loved it indeed. Outstanding performance of Alice Eve and Chris Evans witnessing a number of adventures together. Not only did they came close in the process but also got to know a number of things about themselves which helped them make some life changing decisions.

Here are a few power-packed lines from the movie which I genuinely loved-

Nick – “God. Why is it that any one decision always seems too small to be the biggest decision of your life.”

Brooke – “I don’t know but sometimes you have to just make the choice and jump.”

“This is no perfect. There will always be struggle. You just need to choose who you wanna struggle with.”

Brooke – “It’s possible, isn’t it? It’s possible that you could meet somebody who’s perfect for you even though you’re committed to somebody else.”

Nick – “No, no, see, I think if you’re committed to somebody, you don’t allow yourself to find perfection in someone else.”

Nick – “And at the end of the night, you’re gonna want to say some things, but don’t. Don’t ruin it. It’s nothing she doesn’t already know. Just give her a kiss. Wish her good luck. And, uh… thank her. Thank her for showing you that you can love more than one person in this life.”


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The fate of Oliver Twist

Oliver is born in a workhouse in a small town near London, England in the early part of the 19th century. His mother dies almost immediately after his birth. 

Oliver is brought up at a “child farm” in the country until he is about eight years old. At this point, the parish officials running the child farm decide it’s time for him to start working, and they send him back to the workhouse. But Oliver commits the offence of asking for more food when he is close to starving, so the parish officials offer five pounds to anyone who’s willing to take Oliver on as an apprentice. The parish officials eventually send Oliver off with a coffin-maker. 

Oliver gets in trouble there and after being abused some more decides to set out for London on foot. 

He falls into wrong hands and is wrongfully accused of pick pocketing a gentleman who later takes kindly to him and takes him to his home and cares for him 

The thieves manage to abduct Oliver once more and try to turn him into a criminal and on one of his assignments is badly injured. 

Fortunately, Oliver is picked up by the people who shot him, a family that turns out to be as nice as Mr. Brownlow. 

While Fagin and the criminals distress, Oliver learns to read and write with his new friends, the Maylies. He’s also reunited with his first friend, Mr. Brownlow.

(Adapted – Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens)

Shades Of Life

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The Namesake – By Jhumpa Lahiri

This novel revolves around the Ganguli family with the opening scene of a hospital in Massachusetts, where Ashima Ganguli is about to give birth to a baby. The husband Ashoke Ganguli names the baby Gogol in honor of the famous Ukranian author Nikolai Gogol. He had a deep relation with the name as he had been reading a short story collection by Gogol just before his accident, many years back.

The Ganguli couple names their son as Nikhil in school but he wanted to be called Gogol. But by the time he turned 14, he started hating his name. Before leaving for college, he changed his name to Nikhil Gogol Ganguli. He went to Yale for further studies and adopted the American culture.

While taking a train home for summers, the train was suddenly stopped as a man had jumped in front of the train and committed suicide. Ashoke becomes very concerned and he then tells him about the significance of his name. Gogol is troubled and starts regretting his decision of changing his name.

After graduating, he gets a job in NYC  and moves in with a girl Maxine. Gogol introduces her to his parents. Shortly after the meeting, Ashoke dies of a heart attack in Ohio. Eventually, Gogol withdraws from Maxine and breaks up with her.

Ashima suggests him to meet Maushmi, one of his childhood friends, who has just broken up from her wedding. Gogol is reluctant but somehow agrees. They both are attracted to each other and get married. But Maushmi feels tied up and regrets her marriage. She has an extra marital relationship with  Dimitri. When Gogol comes to know of it, he leaves her.

He finally comes to accept his name and picks up a collection of the Russian author’s stories that his father had gifted him many years back.

Shades of Life