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Be Brave, Be Alone!

Be brave to be alone. By alone I mean not depending on someone else for your happiness, by alone I mean a future where your goals rely on you, by alone I mean strolling on a beach barefoot with sand between your feet and winds rustling past your face.

Be brave enough to love yourself. Love yourself enough to walk away, say no when you have had too much, smile at your own reflection when life feels grim. Be brave enough to be there for your own self. Have the power to wipe your own tears when you have no one beside you but a human-sized ache resting next to you. Hold your falling pieces together because if you don’t then you will fall apart and there will be no one to save you.

Be brave enough to be the right person for yourself because if you are brave to do what’s right for you, then you will never feel lonely even when you are alone.


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Sands Slipping Between The Feet

Today I feel like writing for that very moment just before I intended to let go off my flip flops and run through the sand. It is an amazing feeling with the waves of the ocean slipping all the sand between your feet. It all felt like a game to me. No matter how hard you try, there are times when you definitely feel off balance with everything slipping from your grip. Just like life. Just like the sand on the beach. My mind leaps to days gone by when I spent my time by the ocean with the beautiful melody of waves crashing on the shore. It is a feeling quite unexplained with that clueless feeling of solitude and warmth. It goes without saying that I simply adore the beach, the fact being that I don’t often get to visit often. May be that is why it all seems so magical. Just like most other things in life, this one is the rarest and one of the finest experiences that I feel is really close to my heart.

Many would debate on choosing hills over beaches but I am definitely a water person. I would anytime vouch for beaches over hills. That feeling simply is awesome when you are on a beach relaxing, listening to the symphony of the waves, with a million thoughts in mind. It resonates with life. Calm and peaceful at times but an entire mess in itself. The feeling differs from beach to beach depending on the beach you presently are and your inner self which is rejoicing in the moment.

May be that is what I simply love about an island. You get to witness an entire continent, only water no land, an experience that I can still remember vividly today and I will always. These times have a special place in my heart not just because they are rare, but because I cherish each and every second of that very moment.