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Dark & Flawless

Today, I learnt an important lesson from my therapist. ⁣
At the end of our hour, she told me that although I’ve been hurt and broken badly, she can see I still have parts that aren’t shattered. ⁣
I laughed lightly and I said ‘Yeah, one day that will be all of me, no parts shattered anymore”, And she said ‘No, it won‘t.”⁣
And, for a second, I felt my heart break but she continued. “But it will be the most dominant part of you. Think of your body if you break your shoulder, even after it heals it will be tender. It will be a sore spot. You will be careful with it. There will be a gentleness when you care for it. If you crack a rib, laughing will hurt and, even after there is no longer a fracture, you may laugh lighterjust in case. You can heal, but it is okay to be aware of the parts of you that once hurt the most. The most important thing to know is that where there is tenderness, let there be gentleness.” ⁣


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Heart v/s Head

Talking of the heart and the head debate, you know the head usually opts for the safer option, whereas the heart advocates the risky one. At times, because of this misalignment, it is quite possible to feel divided within the same body.

Your heart is the little voice or the intuition that guides you. When faced with a conflict, your mind may have several logical reasons to act but if you listen to your heart, you are generally more happier, because that is what you actually wanted to do or believe in. The mind which can understand the most complicated and intricate theories, the same mind can be upset over a harmless remark. The mind has no relation with deeper feelings and as a result it creates endless dramas in your life. Mind is the content but the heart is the essence.

In the conflict between the mind and the heart, it is also your emotional state in which you decide, which plays a major role. It is not wrong to follow your heart, but never do so in a state of anger or happiness, as those emotions can cloud your judgement as well as influence your decision. Follow your heart always, but at the same time, do not completely ignore what your mind has to say. A blend of heart and head will bring you closer to the most favorable decisions. You know it is the right decision when the situation satiates both your mind and heart simultaneously.


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Let Your Conscious Mind Control Your Sub-Conscious Mind

Today I will be sharing this little piece that I had seen somewhere in a video. So there was this Aghori Baba on the ghats of the Ganges in Benaras who was in deep meditation. A random person asked him how long have you been meditating, to which he replied that had been meditating for 38 years but he had been a Baba for 50 years.

The person told him that he too wanted to learn how to meditate. The Baba asked him what was his favorite food, to which he replied that it was chocolate. The Baba then asked if he had ever tried to give it up and he agreed but added that he couldn’t last more than 10 days. What Aghori Baba then said was something worth noting. He said that – If you can’t control something what you can see, then how can you control something that you can’t see.

Sometimes you need to give something up as it is good for the body and at times you have to give something up as it is good for the mind. Give up something and each day you stay away from it, is a reminder as to how mentally strong you are.