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Way back home

At times in life, you will feel that the journey itself is better than the destination. 

The journey is daunting and tiring. There is neither any pilot nor any driver. There is no map to bring you back home. There are no fellow travelers. The road is long and is of course not a smooth one. At times it may even happen that you don’t even know where you are or rather to put it straight where you wish to be.

Yet, you don’t lose hope and manage your way through it. You simply wish to reach home safely.

And when you are finally there, you know you’re safe. You are happy and at ease because you now know your soul has a place to rest. And that’s all that you’ll ever need.


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Let the citylights set you free

One of my favorite places in the national capital, Connaught Place. This place has a lot to offer you. You relive the moments time and again whenever u visit this place. “The world keeps moving n d city never sleeps”holds true at this place. The colonial white of the buildings, magnificent eating joints and hotels, branded outlets and the Indian flag held high at the Central Park never fail to mesmerize you!

    Shades of Life


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    The Other Face of Delhi – Street Art 

    Everybody is trying to leave their mark on the world and that is why there is Graffiti. Delhi never fails to surprise you. Evey lane has something to hook you up. The capital has a facelift with graffiti, art, and murals coming up all over the city in 2017.






    Street graffiti will always be my favorite. A handstyle so flawless makes the graffiti look unreal. I am most impressed by such small detailing and perfection.

    Rightly said – “Art could be as creative as the mind allows it to be“. In that case, the transformation of Shankar Market deserves a thumbs up.


    Some amazing walls to admire here! The tentacles of street art have made their way into the nation and have found their road to make it big. Whosoever is making these walls beautiful, Kudos to you!

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    Artistic Brilliance-Safdarjung Tomb

    Every brick, every corner, every building and every monument in Delhi has a story to tell. This truly majestic mausoleum of Safdarjung built in 1754 under the rule of Mohammad Shah depicts its own saga. It is the last enclosed garden tomb in Delhi in the tradition of Humayun’s Tomb.


    With a vast spacious area and an imposing presence with its domed and arched red, brown and white colored structures, this building has its own history written on the sands of time. Safdarjung was made the prime minister of the Mughal Empire when Ahmed Shah Bahadur ascended the throne in 1748.



    While taking a click the monument said, ” I am in front of you yet you appreciate my picture.”  I replied, ” I keep every picture of you with me so that you do not disappear from my memories.”



    Shades of Life

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    Dil in Delhites..!!

    A small but heartwarming incident to begin my day with!

    Like every other day, I struggled to get into the metro. After two stations an old lady entered the coach, still trying to catch her breath. People made way for her even in that extreme crowd and a gentleman gave his seat to the lady. In return the lady blessed that man. 

    Might a be a common incident for people traveling in Delhi metro, yet it feels good to see that humanity still exists amongst all the hustle in such a city. 

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    Old yet standing tall!

    Purana qila or the oldest Fort of Delhi is just like the most perennial themes of our movies that never seem to lose its charm. On a personal note, broken walls and battle stories have never disappointed me. Within its walls lies history, stories and myths.The pleasure of being alone in such a quiet place and simultaneously letting your mind roam and feel the eloquence is amazing. If you love art and history, you cannot ignore the artistic calligraphy. This 700 year old structure is the testimony to love. Watch this unsung hero stand high since times immemorial, beautiful and well kept!

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    It’s not what look at, but what you see.


    Take a bow before the 73 meter high tower of victory built in 1193 by Qutub-ud-din Aibak. What a marvelous piece of architecture by the great king! Get ready to touch the sky with this ethereal and majestic heritage of engraved Beauty right from the capital of the country. The end of sight. Magnificent stone carved pillars making a mysterious way through it. The structurally solid classics from Islamic architecture are way too profound. Numerous photographs of same places by different photographers give different shades of life!!

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    Why should Venice have all the fun….!!

    Rainswept Delhi, camera and Street photography, what else do we need for a happening blog! Roads in Delhi just after a couple of hours of rain. Rightly said, why should Venice have all the fun…  I like Delhi for all the cacophony of a metropolitan life that it offers but when it becomes Venice, it is too tough to handle. Although I wouldn’t disagree with the fact that rains bring both magic and mischief. But nevertheless, I wouldn’t even deny with the bad sewage situation and the mess that the residents face during such showers. But you know what, sometimes getting caught in a traffic jam is also a blessing in disguise. You pause for a while to admire the beauty all around you. Sometimes rains get you the perfect “pause moments”