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Let it Out…

Sharing is an essential part of letting go. It helps you to let your emotions flow, realise why you feel a certain way and be true to yourself.

I always thought that I should never let people see my vulnerabilities, so I never shared. But there has to be someone in front of whom you can cry your heart out, with whom you can share all that you want to.
So if there is something that’s been bothering you, talk to a friend in whom you trust or a therapist and
let it all out. Don’t let these unresolved issues and feelings make you anxious.


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Love is Complicating…

Love is an intense feeling. You can not stop loving someone, just because you cannot be together or because they left. Love isn’t a promise nor an agreement, it doesn’t come with a warranty card or an enquiry desk.
Loving someone is like two edged knife, it’s pain disguised as pleasure and the other way around. Some people will come into your life to tear you apart and some will put you back together way too beautifully. One day you’re gonna wake up next to your loved one and you’ll know that they’ll be there even if you close your eyes. It’ll all make sense then. Wait for it.

You’ll never know when is the last time someone walks in or walks out. So have faith in your love and breathe.


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There is Light Within You…

It’s so easy, especially right now, to be afraid — afraid of what tomorrow might bring, of what could go wrong, of all the things that may potentially fall apart. It’s so easy to hold onto the negative, to clutch it within your palm, unwilling to loosen your grip.⠀

But please, don’t forget the light within you. Don’t forget the potential you have to reshape, to grow, to remold, and to change the world around you. It all starts with your perspective and a willingness to try. It all starts by saying, “Okay, I don’t have control over what’s happening, but I’m still going to love. I’m still going to show up. I’m still going to move forward.”⠀

Life will undoubtedly give us road blocks and dead-ends, wrong turns and ‘go back four steps’ buttons. But your biggest weapons are your mind and heart. You have the power of what you focus on, the power of what you choose, and the power to begin again. ⠀

There is light within you.⠀
And it’s brighter than you think.⠀


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After The Relationship…

After ending the relationship, life becomes so depressing. We begin asking ourselves if they ever loved us in the first place, if they ever meant when they said that love never fades away, it is forever.

If you also think so, remember that love does not fade away, people do not change, it is the circumstance, it is the life that takes a turn at the wrong time. So, simply trust them when they tell you that once, they loved you madly, once you were their world, you meant everything for them. Time has its own plans. All you can do is just trust the vibes and let the person go. Let the memories stay, but do not stay entangled in the memories as it would become a chain for your future. Take a look on the brighter side of life and enjoy the little moments because You Only Live Once.