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If I could leave everything and just fly,

No questions asked, no answers, no goodbye.

Over hilltops, oceans, trees and the blue sky,

Seeing things from a different perspective which I have never seen before.

Not a care of what is for me in store.

Just in the moment,

Me and the blue sky,

No questions asked, no answers, no goodbye…


Posted in Shades of Life

Free Yet Bound!

Have you ever seen those Mountain waterfalls? There is something about them which always leaves me in awe. They’re so mysterious, because they seem to be flowing out of nowhere. When you’re just driving past by, you can’t see their point of origination. And that’s what makes them so mesmerising.

For me, they simply seem to flow out of the heart of the mountain, as if the mountain was so full of its own soul, that it had to let it all well forth, unabashed, unstructured, free. How beautiful it is to be free, no? Free falling, free feeling, free flowing, yet inherently rooted, belonging but not bound. This, I believe is the best feeling ever! You know you belong somewhere but you are still under no boundations of any sort.