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Life is Like a Flowing River!

The flow of the river seemed a lot more surreal that day, as I sat on the banks of the Ganges, just completely mesmerized. I was indeed caught off-guard by the sheer power of consistency, that continuity wields, that courses through life in the most subtlest ways. We all seek it don’t we? And just look at the river, that’s all it has, only the faith of flowing water. It is quite lovely and strange, both at the same time. Though the river is always there, the water flowing through it is never the same, never still.

“Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere. “

Emma Smith

Are people also just like rivers? I wondered. Am I like that? Just like the river, I am always me, always flowing but always different. Will I grow with time or become a stagnant riverbed? Will I allow the people around me to dam me, so that I can only flow where they want me to or will they turn me to a canal for their own use. Detach, distance and take a look from afar. You’re such a small part of the cosmos, and yet there’s so much which is weighing you down. Maybe it’s time to let go, and observe what stays.