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The Other Face of Delhi – Street Art 

Everybody is trying to leave their mark on the world and that is why there is Graffiti. Delhi never fails to surprise you. Evey lane has something to hook you up. The capital has a facelift with graffiti, art, and murals coming up all over the city in 2017.






Street graffiti will always be my favorite. A handstyle so flawless makes the graffiti look unreal. I am most impressed by such small detailing and perfection.

Rightly said – “Art could be as creative as the mind allows it to be“. In that case, the transformation of Shankar Market deserves a thumbs up.


Some amazing walls to admire here! The tentacles of street art have made their way into the nation and have found their road to make it big. Whosoever is making these walls beautiful, Kudos to you!

-Shades of Life