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Man Proposes, God Disposes!

This is a maxim I always stand by in every point of my life. I have been believing in this right from the very beginning since I was quite young. Name it my strong belief in God or whatever; I being an ardent supporter of this quote, never felt disappointed only coz of this one statement that has shaped and molded my entire life.

Whatever a man thinks or plans to do or achieve or aims to carry out; there is some supernatural power (God) above all who has the reins of the man’s life in his hands. Many a time it may be contradictory to the wishes of the man and goes in sync with the plans of God. All the abilities of a man are subject to certain limitations and that is where God’s actions come into picture.

No matter what you plan or how you may try to execute the plan; it goes unsaid that the end result will certainly not be in your hands.