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Let Your Conscious Mind Control Your Sub-Conscious Mind

Today I will be sharing this little piece that I had seen somewhere in a video. So there was this Aghori Baba on the ghats of the Ganges in Benaras who was in deep meditation. A random person asked him how long have you been meditating, to which he replied that had been meditating for 38 years but he had been a Baba for 50 years.

The person told him that he too wanted to learn how to meditate. The Baba asked him what was his favorite food, to which he replied that it was chocolate. The Baba then asked if he had ever tried to give it up and he agreed but added that he couldn’t last more than 10 days. What Aghori Baba then said was something worth noting. He said that – If you can’t control something what you can see, then how can you control something that you can’t see.

Sometimes you need to give something up as it is good for the body and at times you have to give something up as it is good for the mind. Give up something and each day you stay away from it, is a reminder as to how mentally strong you are.