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It’s Okay To Feel Your Feelings

When it comes to feelings, you may believe certain feelings are bad and some good. Remember that there are no good or bad feelings. We are emotional and have a broad range of feelings, which truly have a purpose. Feelings ought to be expressed or else suppressed emotions at times manifest themselves in quite an improper manner.

If there was only happiness, it would eventually lose its luster over time. So it is important to experience sadness and unhappiness as well so as to truly appreciate the beauty of it all. Without being aware of the dark sadness we would not be able to appreciate the light of happiness.

Feelings too have a life cycle. They take birth, bloom, they peak and then die off. But that is how it is. The sooner you accept it, the better. Even in couples, after a disagreement, there will be resentment and anger which is not expressed. If the underlying feelings remain unexpressed, it generally leads to a disproportionate disconnect. All the unexpressed feelings will eventually explode.

It is important that we allow ourselves to fully engage with our feelings. Even if you feel sad, challenge yourself to stay compassionate which will help you to widen your emotional bandwidth and normalize feelings like sadness, despair or anger.

It is very important to embrace your feelings. Close your eyes and let your emotions consume you, cover you like a blanket, warm you from the inside out. After all, it’s absolutely okay to feel your feelings.


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Motivation is like Icecream

Motivation. The word in itself brings a chill down our spines. Motivation, I believe is like an ice cream. We have two options with us.  Either we can make the ice cream ourself, meaning self-motivation, or we can buy it, meaning motivated through others.



Similarly, as soon as you make or get the ice cream, you should consume it immediately. Just like motivation should be put to proper action with immediate effect. If left unaccounted for, the motivation would die just like the melted ice cream which has no use.

In short, it would be apt to say that let us all try to aspire for a motivational sundae flavor ice cream! 🙂

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