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Live in Your Present

Most people are either living in the past or living in the future, but never in the present moment; and there’s nothing wrong with spending time in a place that once existed or a place that hasn’t been created, but don’t miss the present moment. Because living in the past stops you from moving forward, and living in the future stops you from living in the moment. Aristotle once said, young men talk about the future because they have no past; but old men talk about the past because they have no future.
The past and the future are a gift, but what can turn them into a burden is the way we perceive them, how long we remain in them, and how we spend our time with them. My invitation to to visit the past, visit the future, but live the present moment.


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Mind & River

Have you ever observed a river closely? The river flows quite strongly and at that time you cannot see the riverbed clearly. In such a situation if there was some way you could stop the flow in both the directions, ie from where the water is coming and to where the water is flowing, then may be you could keep the water still. This would help you see the base of the river quite clearly.

Similar is the case with our minds. All you need to do is stop your mind from chasing sensory objects as well as thinking of the past and future and that is specifically the time when you can completely free your mind from being totally ‘blanked out’. It is this time that you will have a clear view underneath this turbulence of the thought processes. There is an underlying stillness as well as an underlying clarity of the mind. It is essential that you observe or experience something like this.