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Mahanavami – Durgaparmeshvaryai

Here comes the auspicious 9th day of the Navratris. With full vigor and enthusiasm, the entire country is celebrating this day which marks the Maha Navami. The term Maha means great and powerful, Navami means the 9th one. This auspicious day is celebrated because Goddess Durga or Maha Sakthi took the form of Mahishasura Mardhini and destroyed the evil force of Mahishasura to restore peace in the three lokas. 

On the day of Mahanavmi, Shodasopachar puja (puja with sixteen offerings) and Mahasnan is done for Ma Durga. It is with this belief that she is given a holy bath and honoured with sixteen types of offerings to  her.  On this day Navami Havan, which is also called Chandi Homam, is conducted. Pandals are seen bustling with the huge crowd, people offering their prayers or roaming around in festive mood, having delicious snacks and participating in cultural events.

Let us all pray Maa Mahasakthi to bless all of us with peace and prosperity.

Jai Maa Bhavani 🙏

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