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Happy Mother’s Day Mum!

Initially I used to wonder “Kyu Nahi ma, Saari duniya tere tarah.” This world is not much of a beautiful place as you think it is. You come to this world through one support and that’s your mother, who is your God, your creator, your lifeline. But what when your lifeline is no longer with you.

Well, since she has left life has changed drastically. My days don’t go well and my mind sometimes stays in a muddle. But you know what helps? I take out her picture, and put it aside me. I talk to her and it releases all the discomfort I face. At times I wonder what mothers are born with? A real magical power or a lap that has the purest love?
As children we always fail to understand your love but you are the only one who can love unconditionally. I guess, writers and philosophers still fail to describe mother’s love because you come in so many different shades. Wherever you are I wish you are in peace Mum. I miss you Amma is just a daily phrase now because no words can ever express how empty I feel without you.
Ending with just one line, “Kabhi ho Nahi sakti ma, Saari duniya teri tarah” .


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Beyond Words

Before you decide to love me, know that I will always love you and I mean it because I never learned how to unlove someone,

Before you decide to love me, know that I am very sensitive. At time I am moody too, so when I feel low, just don’t leave. Simply stay by my side and be with me.

Before you decide to love me, please understand that I will always be there for you, no matter how hard you try to push me away. I will not leave because my love for you is stronger than anything else.

Before you decide to love me, note that I am a person who loves long hugs, deep talks, long drives and warm cuddles.

Before you decide to love me, remember that I do not sparkle and shine. I trip over words and I over think. I don’t have it all figured out in my brains.

But I love hard, I love until I am empty and it’s pure and unadulterated.


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True Love is A Deliberate Choice

Generally it is not about the romantic way you meet someone. It’s basically about your compatibility, gestures and adoration. When it comes down to one thing to sustain love, it’s definitely choice. When you choose to love someone, it’s your decision. Every second, you put some effort to nurture that love and this gets us in trouble. I feel its wrong to say that love is something which happens to us. It’s something we make happen.

Love is an action, a pure choice, a commitment. The most beautiful thing about love is that you know that you are chosen by the person you chose. Love needs sacrifice and it won’t always be easy. But it is most beautiful when reciprocated. When you love someone you have something which is so profound. You have a home in that person, where you can be your own self, somewhere you can rest without being judged.

You will have some one who sees you truly and loves you forever. You don’t choose the one you will be attracted to, but you choose the one with whom you will stay in love with. Feelings are fleeting, it is a fickle thing. How you are feeling today will not resonate with the way you feel tomorrow. But real love is constant, it’s tangible. And when life becomes too unbearable, it’s love that gives us the strength. Feelings do not play any role here. When life throws us a curve ball, it’s in love where you will get the much-needed stability. You can’t just abandon love specially when its hard.

Love isn’t really a feeling, nor is it a state of euphoria. It’s hard work which needs constant compromise. Feelings can flicker, it can come and go. But real love? It stays and goes on forever!


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Mesmerizing, Pure & Soul Stirring – Haridwar

When there is so much bedlam all around you, all you need is some peace of mind and this is the very reason I headed to Haridwar last weekend. A sacred place filled with devotion, Haridwar is consider a sacred city because of the River Ganges. A holy dip in the river Ganges is all you need to wash out your sins and be blessed. Gita and Ganga in fact constitute between themselves, the essence of Hinduism – one is theory and the other is practice.

When an ocean of humans turn up to pay respect to a river, this has to be the Ganga arti at Haridwar. Believe me, a mesmerising view, purity in the air, sound of ringing bells all at the Holy place Haridwar. This is how you see the Ganga arti at Haridwar. Reach early, a little before sunset so that you find yourself an apt place to be seated on the steps of the Ghat closest to the river. While you are seated people will approach you for diyas and flowers which you can give as an offering to the river. While there is still a streak of Sun in the sky, the priests will begin chanting prayers. Then before realising that the Sun has set, they pull out their large multi-storeyed oil lamps. You simply sit in awe, drop your jaws and admire the beauty of it all.

The synchronous rotation of the oil filled lamps by the priests, the chanting of mantras, the background arti song, the diyas floating in the river, the reflection of the setting Sun and the diyas in the swift lowing water leave you amazed. It feels like everything just freezes. The soul comes to life and just dazzles you.

Ganga is said to wash out all the sins of life and death. Ganga Arti is a ceremony to thank and praise the river. Truly an unmatched, purely divine and one of its kind of experience when you witness the divisonal flames at Har ki Paudi, Haridwar.

PC – Me, I regret that I could only capture the light, and I failed to capture the aroma and essence of that place.