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The journey never ends…

The Indian Railways network is the fourth longest in the world and covers an operating route length of more than 65,000kms.


A massive network of railway lines, probably the largest in Asia. There is nothing like seeing an engine thundering at you at triple digit speeds blanching out smoke. A honk from the driver then becomes the icing on the cake. Every child has a memory associated with trains. For me, it was always about summer vacations. Train rides and window seats being the best part. When I travel in a train standing near the door, I feel as if the winds tell me that my life is heading in the best direction.


Our lives are also like a railway track, long and unending, you know which stations of life passed by and you know where you are at present. But you can only anticipate for the future stations of life just as you do not know about the ending of the track. Life is mysterious!

-Shades of Life