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Today it’s raining here and I’m sitting in the balcony just enjoying the rain. I don’t know why, I have this love story with rain that goes back to when I was just a kid. I love rain and it’s an emotion that’s as pure as love for me.

In my every starry fantasy, rain has played an important role. I imagined sitting on a veranda, a record player playing an old song. I would be sitting with a cup of coffee, enjoying the rain while humming along to songs that just doesn’t make you feel good, but makes you feel like you are breathing along with them.

Right now while I’m sitting on the patio, I’m listening to an old hit. Eyes closed ’cause I think I feel content. Life is full of so many unanswered questions, uncertainty, so many things that make me scared to face the future, that I just forget to live in the moment most of the times, to just breathe and be content in a moment that I will never get back. I think there is this race to scramble along to secure a future which has not happened yet that I forget to see the present that this moment is all that is certain. I think lately I have forgotten the better picture that it’s always the little moments that matters.

So today I’m not going to think about anything, like health, my future, my writing, my career, life, death, surviving, anything in between or about all the uncertainty that makes me want to just run and hide. Today I’m just listening to songs that I love and just breathing and finding peace in this moment that’s infinitely beautiful. This moment right here, this feeling that I have in my heart and this sense of being content is perhaps the most honest and beautiful feeling.


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Monsoon Rains

Nothing is better than a good downpour after months of scorching heat. Waiting for the monsoon is exciting. One never knows the scheduled day. Like an uninvited guest, it comes unexpectedly. Monsoon comes in India as per the IST – Indian Stretchable Time, nobody knows when that time would come. And it’s a proven fact that waiting becomes tedious when things are uncertain.

Still, the first showers refresh your soul symbolizing the end of a blistering sweltering summer, welcoming humidity.

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Why should Venice have all the fun….!!

Rainswept Delhi, camera and Street photography, what else do we need for a happening blog! Roads in Delhi just after a couple of hours of rain. Rightly said, why should Venice have all the fun…  I like Delhi for all the cacophony of a metropolitan life that it offers but when it becomes Venice, it is too tough to handle. Although I wouldn’t disagree with the fact that rains bring both magic and mischief. But nevertheless, I wouldn’t even deny with the bad sewage situation and the mess that the residents face during such showers. But you know what, sometimes getting caught in a traffic jam is also a blessing in disguise. You pause for a while to admire the beauty all around you. Sometimes rains get you the perfect “pause moments”