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Artistic Brilliance-Safdarjung Tomb

Every brick, every corner, every building and every monument in Delhi has a story to tell. This truly majestic mausoleum of Safdarjung built in 1754 under the rule of Mohammad Shah depicts its own saga. It is the last enclosed garden tomb in Delhi in the tradition of Humayun’s Tomb.


With a vast spacious area and an imposing presence with its domed and arched red, brown and white colored structures, this building has its own history written on the sands of time. Safdarjung was made the prime minister of the Mughal Empire when Ahmed Shah Bahadur ascended the throne in 1748.



While taking a click the monument said, ” I am in front of you yet you appreciate my picture.”  I replied, ” I keep every picture of you with me so that you do not disappear from my memories.”



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