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A walk down the memory lane

Who doesn’t have fond memories attached with his/her own school. For me, my school was not only my 2nd home but also my Mecca, my Temple, my Church, my Gurdwara, my Alma Mater. And what better than reminiscing those long lost memories on the eve of the school’s 51st birthday.  St.Xavier’s School, a tag, a brand and a mark in its own self. I always dreamt of studying here and was on cloud nine when I was selected for admission.

The strong bond of 12 years gave me the courage, base, strength and lessons for a whole lifetime. It was here I got my identity, it was here I understood who I am and what I want from life, it was here I learnt to dream and fly. An air of nostalgia envelops me and I fall short of words as I sit to write today. I can only say that the love for my school and my memories related with it will permanently be etched in my mind till my last breath.

It is here where I gained my roots, it is here where I grew, it is here where I blossomed. Today, on this very auspicious day, I wish my school a million more happy birthdays in the years to come.

-Shades of Life