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There is No ONE Reason for Suicide!

No one kills him self because of one breakup, one failure or one lockdown. There is no ONE REASON for suicide. It is like a cancer of thoughts and only empathy or support is the treatment.

It’s the years of hopelessness, worthlessness, inner fight, internal conflict, one cannot imagine a roller coaster ride from dark to light and dark again.
And years and years and years of apathy from the society and near and dear ones towards mental health that a person loses battle with depression and ends his life. It’s not easy to hang yourself, just imagine the amount of mental torture and pain.
There is no one reason for suicide. RIP Sushant Singh Rajput.

Open up, talk to your near ones. Mental health is the most important.


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Being Human…

When you ask someone to shrug off with their depression, you simply make their condition less trivial and ignore their pain. For people fighting depression, cheering up is not quite easy. So, be a bit kinder to them.

If someone opens up to you regarding their suicidal thoughts, take them seriously before it’s too late. And please don’t make a joke of it because it’s hurtful and insensitive. If you find this is something a lot that I am asking for, please try and walk a mile in their shoe for a day. Trust me you will realize. You will know that the shoes are so heavy that you will fall before you even take a step.

Be patient, be thoughtful, be kind, be human!