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Let it Out…

Sharing is an essential part of letting go. It helps you to let your emotions flow, realise why you feel a certain way and be true to yourself.

I always thought that I should never let people see my vulnerabilities, so I never shared. But there has to be someone in front of whom you can cry your heart out, with whom you can share all that you want to.
So if there is something that’s been bothering you, talk to a friend in whom you trust or a therapist and
let it all out. Don’t let these unresolved issues and feelings make you anxious.


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Find Peace During Times of Chaos!

At times you want someone to simply be there with you. Not to fix anything but to let you know that you are cared for. At times I feel something deep inside me which makes me hollow, something that invades me, which shakes my entire being. It’s a struggle to get out of bed and all I want is to isolate myself from everyone and everything. I hate having no control in my life and losing people who are the most important to me, but you know life is unfair and it does just that.

Finding peace in even the most chaotic situations is the key to a happier living. Take a step back and focus on the silver lining. When things go wrong, even then there are some things which can be right. Believe that better things are making way to you and turn your vision into reality. Distract your mind from all the unnecessary worrying and keep yourself busy. Know that you are not alone and surround yourself with your favorite people.

I am someone who feel things deeply and have a lot of trouble in cutting people from my life. It is too tough to imagine your life without people whom you consider are your world. The last thing I would want to do on earth is to leave the people I love behind and move on in life without them. But just as every dark cloud has a silver lining, there is always hope for better things to come.