Introvert Struggles-1

Ok, so here is my compilation of the best introvert sides I have come across. I being a big time introvert, find these situations quite relatable. Do like and comment if you find it relatable and also comment your introvert struggles and I would put them in my next write-up. ☺ People always think if... Continue Reading →

Happy Shivratri

Devotees of Lord Shiva across the country have geared up to celebrate ShivRatri today. As per the Hindu calander, there are 12 Shivratris celebrated by Hindus every year. The Shivratri that falls during the Shravana month is known as the Savan Shivratri while that which falls in Feb or March is known as the Mahashivratri. ... Continue Reading →

A walk down the memory lane

Who doesn't have fond memories attached with his/her own school. For me, my school was not only my 2nd home but also my Mecca, my Temple, my Church, my Gurdwara, my Alma Mater. And what better than reminiscing those long lost memories on the eve of the school's 51st birthday.  St.Xavier's School, a tag, a... Continue Reading →

Let the citylights set you free

One of my favorite places in the national capital, Connaught Place. This place has a lot to offer you. You relive the moments time and again whenever u visit this place. "The world keeps moving n d city never sleeps"holds true at this place. The colonial white of the buildings, magnificent eating joints and hotels,... Continue Reading →

It’s all about the way you see it

The Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project brings together global wisdom and best practices to revive the river as a public sanctuary for the people of Ahmedabad. Riverfront upgrades 18 precincts located adjacent to the Riverfront land, revitalizing the heart of Ahmedabad and leading the city's future growth.  

Ten little toes

The best thing about babies are their tiny feet and itty bitty toes.Who doesn't love baby feet. How adorable is this picture! The perfect family picture ever! Summer morning sleepins woken only with the pitter patter of small feet. Rightly said, "Sometimes the smallest things take the most room in your heart." Pray that these... Continue Reading →

Artistic Brilliance-Safdarjung Tomb

Every brick, every corner, every building and every monument in Delhi has a story to tell. This truly majestic mausoleum of Safdarjung built in 1754 under the rule of Mohammad Shah depicts its own saga. It is the last enclosed garden tomb in Delhi in the tradition of Humayun's Tomb. With a vast spacious area and... Continue Reading →

Dil in Delhites..!!

A small but heartwarming incident to begin my day with! Like every other day, I struggled to get into the metro. After two stations an old lady entered the coach, still trying to catch her breath. People made way for her even in that extreme crowd and a gentleman gave his seat to the lady.... Continue Reading →

Road of Life

This Sunday morning, I decided to take my car for a spin. It was supposed to be a calm ride as there was a light drizzle with soft music soothing relaxing my mind, but within me were some thoughts that were somewhat perplexing.  Well, for now, let us take it this way! Taking the car... Continue Reading →

Old yet standing tall!

Purana qila or the oldest Fort of Delhi is just like the most perennial themes of our movies that never seem to lose its charm. On a personal note, broken walls and battle stories have never disappointed me. Within its walls lies history, stories and myths.The pleasure of being alone in such a quiet place... Continue Reading →

Big Shots Are Only Made Big By The Little Shots Who Keep Shooting Without Losing Faith In Themselves, In Spite Of Failures.

The Untold Story

             The untold story of life..You would be wondering as to what the untold story of life is. No one knows about it. It gives no clue. Just a second and BOOM.. Yes, you guessed it right. It undoubtedly is Death. People are afraid of death. Not because they are worried of dying or losing... Continue Reading →

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